Noramco Brand Refresh

The previous Noramco logo design was typically shown in combination with a flowering poppy. The initial goal of this project was to update the company logo without the poppy plant, explore font and color options, and provide recommendations for a refreshed modern look.

We explored several strategies to create a more modern logo design while retaining elements of the retort graphic and Noramco brand “N” icon. The resulting design offers a modern look with improved utility and a fresh appearance using type and color to position the Noramco brand as an advanced, forward-thinking company.

Using this new visual system and updated color palette, we extended the brand refresh to business cards and corporate collateral, internal and external-facing brochures, posters, banner stands, promotional items, and a new website.

We also directed multiple photo shoots at Noramco locations to create a library of custom images that are used throughout the new materials and in documents and presentation templates.